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BlockCrypto Conference Brazil


The Leading Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Event in Brazil

  • São Paulo, Brazil

  • Tue, 25 September, 2018

  • Wed, 26 September, 2018

IOTA Foundation was represented in a diverse spectrum of activities, at the São Paulo Expo Center, with an audience of 800 visitors in addition to dozens of expositors/speakers and thousands of viewers in 2 days of live streamings.

Among the activities representing IOTA I can list:

- A lecture at the main stage held by Serguei Popov;

Introducing the IOTA Foundation, the Tangle and his path becoming a co-founder.

- A hands - on Workshop for XDK2MAM presented by Daniel Carpincho and Alejandro Elustondo;

- Panel for IOTA advantages, held by Serguei Popov (Feeless Transactions), Olivia Saa (Scalability), Paulo Finardi(Quantic security) all mediated by Cassio Gusson;

- Also, in the use cases panel, Rafael Presa, introduced his Housing-as-a-Service concept using the Tangle.

- Awareness about IOTA all over the event and further with live streaming and media cover.


Discord ID #5694