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The ripple effect of a solid toolset!

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DevIOTA creates tools and libraries to make the Tangle easier to run and use. Started as a small project to create a financial manager on top of IOTA it grew into a whole set of tools with wide user base:

- Bigger part of the IOTA full nodes are using Nelson for easy neighbours management.

- Bolero is intended to be a one-click desktop full node, which will get a complete overhaul integrating newest additions to our toolset.

- Field, a proof-of-concept load balancer for IOTA nodes.

- Romeo - a portable, cross-platform "wallet" runnable from virtually anywhere, which goes beyond a simple wallet. It will be our test ground for innovative concepts of Tangle usage.

- Hercules - a lightweight "full node" written in Go, which seems to be faster than IRI and will be able to run on low-end devices like Raspberry Pi and Beaglebones.

- ... and more to come!