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Develop Espiota to become the ubiquitous hardware for an availability economy

  • payment
  • hardware
  • esp32


Espiota is a tiny configurable device that enables any machine powered by electricity to trigger its actions when a payment occurs. 

Imagine an air condition in a hotel room. The owner specifies a time period and the price in IOTA to use the air condition for the chosen period. He could configure Espiota to activate the air condition for a price of 10 Miota a day. When a guest pays 10 Miota to the specified address, Espiota activates the air condition for 24 hours.

Aside from switching the main circuit of a machine (Pay-For-Time), Espiota will also be able to trigger specific actions like dispensing coffee while observing the state of the machine (Pay-For-Action).

The current concept consists of two versions. An external box containing a display and buttons that will be easy to connect for anyone with basic knowledge in electricity. And a much smaller and more versatile board that can be placed inside the machine itself.

Read the following Medium article for further information: