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Green IOTA


Future of the crypto should be GREEN and this research trying to solve the future of the earth ‘s health in crypto with a technical approach

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The supervisor of this research project is Dr. Mehdi Golsorkhtabaramiri
The payment systems are an integral part of the economic cycle. Both IoT and Cryptocurrencies (DLT, Blockchain, Tangle, etc.) are designed for future systems in which new generations will live.

The future of cryptocurrency should be GREEN and This research trying to solve the future of the earth‘s health in crypto with a technical Approach. IOTA has the green functionality and since we don't hear from it anywhere.

Research and Execution Process

The starting point will be to perform research on green cryptocurrency requirements and present the results in academic journals and conferences. “Green IOTA”, will be proved in three following steps;

1. Investigate and Detect Green Cryptocurrency Requirements and Metrics

The first step is to define the green requirement metrics from the Requirements Engineering (RE) perspective. The green constraints fit into the category of non-functional requirements and the effectiveness of the defined requirements varies depending on the nature of the software, the implementation techniques, the software design, and the configuration of the hardware used to run the software.

2. Tangle and Blockchain analysis in Green Requirements

The second step is to focus on comparing Tangle and Blockchain in terms of green functionality. This phase is important for the research team because blockchain has evident problems in green efficiency but IOTA transfer speed is directly related to the number of users and potentially unlimited transactions as the infrastructure grow. In this step PoW and PoS methods are also examined.

The researchers should be measuring the IOTA nodes energy consumption in Computation, Storage, Communication, etc. and these results compare with other cryptocurrencies.

3. Green IOTA Care

The last step is to keep IOTA in the green area. The green cryptocurrency development life cycle involves several sequentially related activities and this step should care about all IOTA activities in green. In this step, there are two sections;

• Green Protocol

Defining the green protocols for each part of IOTA is one of the challenges for the research team. This section tries to grow saving energy consumption with several green protocols. The research team periodically processes the green protocols because some of the Green Requirements may change or modify.

• Green Controller

This section tries to analyse the green efficiency of IOTA and IOTA ecosystems. The research team should be developing the POWER API to estimate the energy consumption of running processes and establish energy models.

• Online Monitor

Design and develop the Website to publish research reports and display IOTA online energy consumption.