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IOTA Address Notifier (IAN.)


A Telegram/Discord Bot that notifies you about what's happening in the Tangle.

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IOTA Address Notifier (IAN) is a Telegram and Discord Bot that watches your IOTA address(es). Users add an address* via text-communication. The address is then being observed for incoming new transactions, reattachments or confirmations. In these cases the bot sends the user a Telegram message with further details.

In the back end the IAN Java program handles the Telegram/Discord communication and evaluates IRI's ZMQ Stream. Therefore, no direct api calls are made to generate the bot's push notification.


*The Telegram/Discord bot watches IOTA addresses only. To make sure no user enters a seed, the bot informs the user repeatedly about the differences between seeds and addresses. In addition the bot does only work if the users agree and confirm that they've read about the differences between seeds and addresses.

Felix Kretzer
3 months ago

IAN is now also available on Discord. You can start using the bot on Discord by joining the IAN Discord server (IAN will be on it's own server during the beta) and follow the instructions there (

Felix Kretzer
about 1 year ago

Beta is now public! 

Instructions at:

Felix Kretzer
about 1 year ago

I.A.N.'s first version is up and running and currently in a closed alpha. A beta will follow in the near future and will be announced on Medium and Discord.