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Get your hands dirty, code and play! Let's experiment with IOTA protocol in interactive environment.

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IOTA Developer Lab is being built on top of IOTA Developer Essential textbooks. Main goal is to provide an uniform interactive environment for any developer or tech enthusiasts to be able to learn and experiment with IOTA protocol using real code and patterns. No installation needed. Just your browser. It covers several languages such as Python or NodeJS.

Combination of IOTA Developer Lab (practice) and IOTA Developer Essentials (theory) provides a comprehensive onboarding information to anybody interested in the IOTA protocol.

Petr Zizka
over 3 years ago

Behind the scene:

  • The content is provided by the project IOTA Developer Essentials
  • Jupyter notebook format was chosen as a main storage for the content. Pros: it is extensible and text-based
  • Default Jupyter notebook has been extended by meta data exclusively developed for the sake of IOTA Developer Lab project. Thanks to the meta data a processing engine is able to separate text and code

  • It currently supports Python (native language) and NodeJS. The infrastructure is ready and open for any additional language. All snippets are written from scratch by human and so snippets respect specific features that are available in different IOTA-facing libraries

  • The processing engine transforms the notebook prepared for Python and adapt it to any additional language, such as NodeJS

  • It also converts all language-dependent notebooks to HTML, update Gists (if needed) and everything is linked together - textbooks, code snippets and Gists for all supported languages

Current features:

  • Fully automatic processing engine described above
  • Language Coverage: Detailed breakdown of each snippet and supported language. Users can easily check what snippets are prepared for which language

  • GitHub Gist integration: each standalone code snippet is automatically maintained also at Gist. It enables users to share, comment, fork, track changes and embed any code snippet. Any change to the snippet is tracked by Gist = 100% open and transparent

  • Full interactivity is supported in case of Python language so far via Azure Notebooks however there is a firm plan to develop a community-driven IOTA-related public hosted environment for anybody to run examples for any language directly in their browsers
Petr Zizka
over 3 years ago