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Iota Prom Exporter


Create a monitoring system for IOTA full nodes

  • grafana
  • prometheus
  • dashboard


Works with Prometheus and (optionally) Grafana to export instrumentation metrics from an IOTA full node as well as pulls metrics from Bitfinex's webservice API for market data and the IOTA stress table for TPS statistics.

  • totalTransactions
  • totalTips
  • totalNeighbors
  • activeNeighbors
  • latestMilestone
  • latestSolidSubtangleMilestone
  • newTransactions by neighbor
  • randomTransactions by neighbor
  • allTransactions by neighbor
  • invalidTransactions by neighbor
  • newTransactions by neighbor
  • totalTx
  • confirmedTx
  • tradePrice by trading pair (IOTUSD, IOTBTC, IOTETH, BTCEUR, IOTEUR)
  • tradeVolume by trading pair (IOTUSD, IOTBTC, IOTETH, BTCEUR, IOTEUR)
  • zmq transactions seen
  • zmq transactions seen with value
  • zmq transactions confirmed by milestone
  • zmq rstats (the output log line in IRI) toProcess
  • zmq rstats toBroadcast
  • zmq rstats toRequest
  • zmq rstats toReply
  • zmq rstats totalTransactions
  • avg transaction confirmation time
  • avg transaction confirmation rate
  • transaction confirmation histogram (buckets)