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IOTA Spam Fund


Spam to Secure and Fasten Up the Tangle

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The Spam Fund

Spamming transactions helps the IOTA network to become faster. The IOTA Spam Fund was created to incentivize spamming on the IOTA protocol by rewarding spammers with a small amount of iotas (donated entirely by our great IOTA community) to cover the operational costs of doing the proof-of-work. Over 2,000 users have signed up.

The Spamming Tool

The IOTA Spam Fund offers a custom command-line spamming tool (isf-jclient) written in Java which can be used both for rewarded spam as well as not-rewardable offline spam (allowing the user to personalize the spam transaction address, tag and messages). It is highly scalable in terms of TPS due to powerful features such as:

  • Node Rotation (use multiple hundred nodes parallely)
  • Asynchronous Spam Processing (Tip Pool etc.)
  • Native Proof-of-Work Module (from the GIOTA library)


Measured by hash power, it's the most commonly used spamming tool. It accounts for the three most popular tags used on the mainnet (according to Over 10,000,000 transactions have been spammed in online mode, at least another 17,000,000 in offline mode. An additional 30,000,000 have been spammed and rewarded on the official spamnet.