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Develop IOTA @ Tangle Use-Cases & Real world demos: carIOTA, carIOTA II, .....

  • raspberry pi
  • x2x
  • obd
  • ecu
  • can
  • m2m
  • arduino
  • mam
  • iota@tangle
  • geolocation
  • automotive
  • connected platfoms


IOTA @ Tangle aims to develop IOTA/Tangle use-cases and brings real world demos at the area of mobility, internet of things (IoT) and Distributed Ledger Technologies(DLT). 

carIOTA is an application letting you connect to your car data and visualize it with IOTA/Tangle technology. carIOTA is the main development at the moment: 

  • carIOTA: demo use case with Arduino Yun & CAN shield by using MQTT protocol and MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging)
  • carIOTA II: demo use-case with RaspberryPi&PiCAN GPS board using MAM

Generally carIOTA is just a small step into connected platforms, connected vehicle solutions. Soon we will be more frequently talking about x2x systems like machine to machine(M2M), peer to peer(P2P), car to car(C2C), vehicle to everything(V2X), business to business(B2B) or maybe even anything to Tangle(x2T)...

 ..more use-cases and demos will be coming from time to time..

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