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Create human interaction layer for IOTA

  • usability
  • human interfaces
  • grandma proof
  • cheques
  • permanent addresses
  • deep links
  • wallets
  • ecommerce

IOTAlias the "human Interaction layer" for IOTA protocol

We have come up with solutions for multiple problems with IOTA human interfaces. Including the lack of permanent addresses, the associated security risks, prohibited use cases (donations etc), and last but not least the actual user experience.

IOTΛlias solution consists of 3 integrated components all of which are critical for achieving the desired result - making IOTA easy to use for human beings.

IOTA Alias protocol enables decentralised (Tangle) storage of unforgeable, public and private aliases that can be used as a permanent reference point to initiate transactions and communication between parties.

IOTA Cheque protocol enables making IOTA payments using aliases or over email to people completely new to IOTA and who do not even have a seed yet.

IOTA Deep link protocol enables a seamless user experience for wallets, exchanges and other IOTA development projects, allowing the user to initiate actions like payments, redeeming cheques and much more directly by clicking on a simple url link that is intercepted by the user selected IOTA app.

The beauty of this solution is that it will be 100% decentralised, will not require any servers, nor changes to IRI. It can easily be adopted throughout existing projects / exchanges simply by using the open source libraries that will be built within the scope of this project.

We are proposing to build these open source libraries accessible in all common platforms (Java, ObjC, Swift), full documentation as well as sample projects that have a tutorial value to help standardize the approach in the growing IOTA dev community.

Aside from direct benefits the solutions proposed also open up a multitude of exciting new use cases, such as seamless PayPal checkout style eCommerce and sending iotas by email to name a few. These and others have a potential to exponentially accelerate the mass adoption of IOTA as a currency and a protocol. This is the core objective of Bam Bam Labs and we are planning to follow up with more projects to make this dream a reality...