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The IRI Playbook is a full node automated installation and management software.
It includes community contributed software such as Nelson, Field and IOTA Prometheus Exporter.

It enables anyone to seamlessly install a full node and become part of the IOTA network. It includes an extensive wiki encompassing most of the topics related to node operations.

Already installed by thousands of node operators, it provides a menu-driven configuration and management tool to help control the full node and keep it up to date.

The playbook includes:

  - One line installation command
  - HAProxy for DoS mitigation, logging and security policies
  - Firewall configuration
  - Software updates
  - Management GUI
  - Extensive Wiki
  - Monitoring and alerting (IRI metrics, Field metrics)
  - DevIOTA services: Nelson and Field
  - IOTA Peer Manager
  - Option for SSL termination (HTTPS)
  - Ability to install on multiple servers in parallel

The playbook supports:
  - CentOS 7
  - Ubuntu 16, 17 and 18

3 months ago

Here is a short blog I've written with details about the upcoming IRI-playbook update: