We are developing a tangible machine economy showcase

Business scenarios:

  1. A machine/ robot shall get its own machine wallet to receive and send value transactions and be enabled to become an active member of a machine economy. Various use cases such as printing, object movement, etc. will be programmed and triggered by either a human or another machine.
  2. Energy providers (eg. solar or wind) will sell their energy directly to the robot who consumes and pays the respective energy wallet from his robot wallet.
  3. As a third party we will integrate a tax authority that automatically receives related energy taxes depending on the transactions of the other machine market actors in real time.

Technical layers:

  • Each machine (and human as process initiator) will have their own IOTA Wallet
  • and a dedicated MAM data stream (Masked Authenticated Messaging)
  • various private key storage solutions will be tested
  • multiple IOTA Full Nodes are going to build the infrastructure connections in and out of the Tangle (physical servers and cloud based services)

Cookbook (hardware & open source code):

The complete development, all hardware, software and skill components will be documented from scratch and made public (github) to help community members, companies and other organisations to replicate, adjust or integrate a professional machine economy prototype for their individual needs on all layers.


Additional goodies such as fotos, videos, live demonstrations, medium articles or other social media communication and IoT/ IOTA/ DLT community involvement is planned on a regular basis.

M2M pioneering:

"machine-to-machine" or M2M is actually a concept that is just starting get attention. Globally, we are one of the very first to actually build a physical m2m showcase that people can see, touch and understand on the surface and take a look under the hood, too.


News will be published first on Akitas Twitter Account:

9 months ago

We have just published a full tutorial how to build a portable Machine Economy prototype connecting human-to-machine (H2M) and machine-to-machine (M2M) Human > Robot > Wind Energy > Government Tax.