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MAM Tools


Making using and developing with MAM more easy

  • mass adoption
  • testing
  • cli
  • javascript
  • nodejs
  • tools
  • mam


With Masked Authenticated Messaging being in an early stage of development it can be difficult to use it and build applications with it. The goal of this project is to make the use of MAM more easy to promote mass adoption of the MAM technology.

The MAM Tools library consists of multiple elements to help with that:

  • a module for nodejs, acting as an abstraction layer between the official MAM lib by the foundation and your application
  • a mock module for nodejs, for testing MAM applications without the need to use a real IOTA full node, doing POW or have an internet connection
  • a command line interface, both for nodejs/npm and standalone, to read and write real MAM messages to the tangle