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MatchX LoraWAN server


Share the LoraWAN/LPWAN network and profit from it

  • matchx


Now everyone can use MatchX's LoraWAN/LPWAN cloud to share their sensor data, 40 km network coverage to the public!

What technology is used here?

  • LoraWAN, which is an open-source protocol that for IoT
  • MXProtocol, the LPWAN enhanced protocol based on DLT
  • IOTA full-node, the backbone of IoT

What people can do with it?

  • Sell you home temperature data to the others
  • Profit from the ultra-long range coverage
  • Avoid collision between the sensors

How much if I want to contribute?

You need to buy a LPWAN gateway (350€), connect to LPWAN cloud(free), start to earn money!