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To create an economic cycle behind IOTA. Enable people to earn and use their IOTA in a seamless manner.

  • social networks
  • economy
  • ecommerce


Metamesh is a social e-commerce marketplace that allows its users to purchase and sell items using IOTA. A sharing feature on Metamesh allows users to earn a commission in IOTA if they connect a buyer and seller directly. Join our crowdfund to support Metamesh!

Payments with IOTA

IOTA has a unique feature of feeless transactions. These type of transactions make it an ideal candidate to bypass payment processing fees such as Paypal and Stripe. Since IOTA's confirmed transactions per second increase while there are more transactions on the tangle it makes IOTA highly scalable. Unlike blockchains that need secondary layer solutions to scale and require transaction fees, IOTA stands out as a great payment method. 

Peer-to-Peer Marketing

Metamesh allows users to share each other's products to their following and if they directly connect a buyer and seller with their share, they will earn a 5% commission in IOTA. Peer-to-peer marketing is the decentralization of marketing. Users can now earn a commission off a product if they help make that sale. Unlike traditional advertising venues like Facebook, Instagram, and influencers, Metamesh will democratize the advertising service. Even if a user has a low following count that user still has some network value that can be monetized. Current advertising platforms use their user's data and invade their privacy to help others generate sales. Metamesh allows users to see what they want by following the topics and individuals they are interested in. 

For more information on our platform and how it is intended to work check out our whitepaper!

Metamesh Crowdfund

Since we aim to be a commercial platform that can scale to several users we are a closed source project. Since the IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund only funds open source projects in regards to IOTA, we could not apply towards it. However, we have created our own crowdfunding campaign using IOTA! We wanted to see if the IOTA community is capable of crowdfunding a project without launching an ICO. We also want to test whether or not the ecosystem wants to see this project come true. 

Visit our page for more detailed information: