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Proxy and load balancer for IOTA nodes.

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Piri is a proxy and load balancer for IOTA nodes, like IRI.

On one hand it distributes calls to one or more nodes and adds a layer of functionality, like input validation, retry, circuit breakers and metrics. On the other hand it tries to make sure that clients, like wallets, always get served by the best node.

Piri has a node API that allows external registration of nodes to create public pools of nodes.

Piri is designed with performance and scalability in mind. The target group are node owners with several nodes and people that want to run an open pool of nodes.

Motivation for the project was to make my own nodes public. As this mission is mainly accomplished the further project vision is not fixed yet. I welcome contributions and all ideas for further extension and improvement.

If you want to support the project add your node to the demo and test system that always runs the most current version and runs as a public node.

All code is open source and published under the AGPLv3. 

For more technical information visit the Wiki at the project repository.  (Credits: Logo designed by Freepik.)

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