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IOTA has the potential to become a standard. That will cause many upheavals. We will accompany this process positively.

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The real IOTA revolution will take place when applications are realized that benefit the industry as well as investors, and when the broader population understands and accepts IOTA as well as recognizes benefits in their daily lives. We want to support this process as an independent group:

Our Goals with “public IOTA”:

  • Make IOTA better known to a broader public
  • Present selected IOTA applications in detail to show the future benefit
  • Counteract FUD and openly expose and prove the truth
  • Show IOTA owners the possibilities of future revenue through IOTA.
  • Possibilities of investing in the envirement of IOTA and tangle applications

Markus Gebhardt
3 months ago


With Wikiota we would like to explain many terms that are used in the environment and in dealing with IOTA as simply as possible. This collection of explanations should be aimed primarily at beginners, but also provide for advanced users a reference work. The contents of this database are short explanations and definitions. The corresponding contributions are provided with links, which then lead to the source and to further information: