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Smart Dispensing Machine


Automate material release processes

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IOTA: A first real-world use case demonstrated in Peru

Learning our A, B, Cs… and Ts

The Tangle, which is the data structure behind IOTA, is a particular kind of directed graph, which holds transactions. Each transaction is represented as a vertex in the graph. When a new transaction joins the tangle, it chooses two previous transactions to approve, adding two new edges to the graph.

This structure of DLT, known as Distributed Acyclic Graph (DAG), used by the IOTA Foundation has solved a couple of critically important limitations found when using Blockchain, another DLT: scalability and zero-fees. This new reality is now opening up the way to a large field of unimaginable opportunities ready for exploration. There is no doubt about IOTA’s potential in our future as its use becomes ubiquitous in our day to day, taking its rightful place in the up and coming machine economy.

Moving on to our first PoC

Did we learn correctly our A, B and Cs? We believe so! In fact, we came up with not only a simple Proof of Concept (PoC), but one which not demanded a lot from our not-so-deep pockets J. We were able to carry our experiments in the simplest and cheapest way possible, with great results!

Here in Peru, as well as in many other parts of the developing world, there is a trade activity we wanted to simulate. The picture below paints a good understanding of what this trade activity entails. Basically, we wanted to simulate a transaction in which the customer’s truck would automatically interact with the dispensing machine, a transaction with no human interaction ‘per se’. Could this be possible? How about payment? How can details of a transaction be addressed automatically? We decided to try… and cook it. We are Peruvians, and we love our food! ;)

Our First ingredient: Open-Hardware

Our Second Ingredient: Open-Software

Two Web apps:

· One to operate the truck remotely and instruct when to load it up, and

· One to monitor/control the station from anywhere in the world (Remote server access).

Our judges have spoken: the main course was served

This Proof of Concept has given us a much greater vision of what we had initially imagined: there is so much more we can manifest using IOTA’s revolutionary technology. Now we know that we are somehow sharing the same vision of progress and a better world with several other people and global organizations. We now follow the lead of the Volkswagens, Fujitsus, Boshes of the world, but most importantly IOTA’s.

We are already in the process of master minding a number of other projects. We will share news of those in due time. This PoC is only one of the many Proofs of Concept that we will carry out to demonstrate IOTA’s potential that IOTA.


Christopher Aldave, a member of our team has published three tutorials for those who are just starting to dive into IOTA world. Beginners now have a simple and practical tool at their disposal. Please use them.

By the way, these tutorials have already inspired other people to share their knowledge with us. We very much thank them for that! Let’s keep sharing our love for IOTA!

We entice you to donate IOTAs to our cause, remember, Peru still is a developing country. Your support is very much appreciated.