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Smart Flood Protection


Make flood protection truly smart.

  • flood protection
  • machine data
  • monitoring data
  • flood protection supply chain

topocare sees itself as an innovator in flood protection. From machinery to IoT-based solutions.

The POC is to connect our machine and infrastructure data as well as data of the flood protection supply chain to the tangle to ensure data integrity while interacting with several parties and devices.

#1 machine: pay-on-production

Enabling a new business model

Our machines are able to produce and place huge sand filled geotextile tubes directly on site. Some people describe these tubes as "large, endless sandbags". Beside being really quick in laying these tubes, which makes the method interesting for quick reaction forces, there are good reasons for the main application which is constructing embankments, dams and levees: there are no erosion processes (safety effect) and a higher stability (reduces space and material needed: cost effect). Our developed machines are technologically world wide unique and asked for a variety of constructions.

Instead of selling the machines we would now like to test the "pay-on-production" model. Construction companies can no longer buy the machines but use them for production. This lowers the invest of our customers and enables us to benefit in the long run from every meter tube produced. To give the customer and us a consistent overview about the use, we will log data such as textile used, GPS signal, ... to generate an accurate billing based on "meters tube produced".

-> Get further information regarding our machine:  topomover

#2 infrastructure: monitoring

Generating and distributing infrastructure data

In modern production sites it is normal to monitor different machine parameter for maintenance and process control. Infrastructure monitoring is something rather new. Nowadays dikes and levees are monitored manually. At high water levels people control the levees visually for cracks or seepage. We think this can be done in a much better and smarter way.

Our dike design with the described geotextile tubes offers the chance to integrate sensors in the dike body without harming the structure. Normal cables etc. would produce erosion effects which finally lead to a decrease of stability and safety. At the present moment we are working on several IoT-devices  to enable a continuous monitoring. So damage can not only be seen on the surface - it can be detected within the dike body much sooner than previously possible.

#3 flood protection supply chain

Multi user data

Our logistics simulation tool called PLATHO is used to generate scenarios for flood protection supply chains. It is used by local authorities, like cities located at rivers, for decision making based on current restrictions (water level, precast, available people, trucks,...).

We would like to connect our simulation tool to the real process to build up a closed CPS cycle: Process data of multiple supply chain stakeholders, such as the storage status, truck position, delivery status shall be attached to the tangle. This data is than used to calculate process deviation to conduct a new simulation run. This leads to new process instructions send to the participants - to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time!

-> Get further information regarding our logistics simulation:  PLATHO


Using the IOTA distributed ledger helps us to make our products better by adding value for the customer.

Specifically there are the following mayor benefits:

- Data of the machine use will be directly attached to the tangle, so that there is only one single version of the truth. Both for our customer and for us.

- Generated monitoring data of the dike or levee are directly insert into the tangle. So there is no way of being manipulated form that time on. This assurance is a key argument for the product "monitoring". The more IoT-devices are in place the more important this becomes. Especially for critical infrastructure.

- The IOTA MAM protocol is an efficient way to organize data distribution when there is need for privacy. By using the possibility of establishing private channel, we will develop a data subscription model for customers.

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