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Creating a truly decentralized ID System

  • id
  • mam
  • audio encoding/decoding
  • idot
  • iot
  • iota
  • id ecosystem
  • dlt
  • decentralized
  • qubic
  • sensor id
  • sensor
  • soniccell


SonicID is the first and only IDoT (Identity of Things) system that uses encoded and encrypted audio and IOTA DLT Technology for ultra-secure device identification and communication.

Our mission is to protect assets and people by bring audio encoding and IOTA Distributed Ledger Technology into everyday's life.

SonicID makes it possible to ultra-securely identity, authorize, transact and communicate with anything and anyone.

What make the SonicID so secure?

-Taking user error out of the equation.

-Only one user input required (Phone Number).

-SonicID is encoded & encrypted as a hidden inaudible sonic tone.

-SonicID’s private key never leaves the phone.

-SonicID is useless outside the phone.

-SonicID uses sonic to connect to the Tangle, providing secure communication.

-SonicID automatically creates a new address for every new transaction.