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Tangle Frost - QR Code


Cool utility libraries built on the tangle

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Tangle Frost- IOTA QR Code Library

The Tangle Frost libraries are intended to be a layer of cool utility libraries built on top of the IOTA tangle.

This libraries purpose is to make it very easy to generate QR codes for use with IOTA.

Supported rendering formats are:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • SVG
  • TXT
  • Canvas

The library can be used in both the browser and nodejs. The QR codes be generated as both HTML elements and raw data which can be saved to a file.

You can use the renderers directly with whatever data you want or you can generate one of the predefined IOTA data objects.

  • Trinity Transaction
  • Address


You can find some tutorials on the libraries use at


There is a sandbox where you can play with the library online at