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Tangle Universe


Tangle Universe will be the first virtual trade fair focusing on DLT, IOTA and Tangle.

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The Tangle Universe project was launched by public IOTA, an independent group that aims to move IOTA and Tangle technologies forward.

This project aims to bring transparency to the areas of services, projects and supporters. It is a database project that should facilitate the search for suitable services. The aim is to further disseminate the technology of IOTA and the Tangle and also to point out to newcomers as well as companies the important services, projects and contact points for questions.

We are currently working to expand the Tangle Universe  project into a virtual trade fair especially for the areas DLT, IOTA and the Tangle. A place of learning and of future ideas and concepts.

It will be the first virtual exhibition focusing on DLT, IOTA and Tangle. This project is already encountering a very positive feedback from many companies. In the future, the Tangle Universe project will bring people and applications from these areas together and create new ideas. It will be a virtual exhibition under the motto “Tangle Meets User”.