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Deploy IOTA nodes quick, flexible and easy.

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The web service provides the most comfortable and flexible way to deploy nodes to the Tangle. No technical knowledge or maintenance is needed, just a few clicks and your node(s) are ready to use. Currently you can choose between 3 providers, including 21 locations in 9 countries. The service also has an IOTA payment gateway integrated, enabling quick and feeless transactions.

Key features currently available

  • Deploy up to 20 nodes simultaneously
  • Instant deployment after payment, ready to use in ~ 15 minutes (Depending on the current DB size)
  • Optional configuration of nodes, like neighbors, API authentication, custom API port etc.
  • Fully automatic maintenance
  • 3 providers including 21 locations in 9 countries
  • Hourly billing and discount on monthly and yearly subscriptions
  • Full support of (Blazing fast transactions via dedicated PiDiver hardware)
  • IOTA payment gateway

New features and improvements are constantly added. You can try it out starting from just 2 cents / hour (2core, 4GB RAM, 40GB SSD).