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The scope of this project is to incentivize and facilitate the transition to the "Industry 4.0" or the world of "IoT/IoE"

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Tangly is the first step to the "Industry 4.0". Machines/sensors or IT-Systems do not easily integrate with new technologies as DLT like the Tangle. Tangly can be interfaced to most existing machines, sensors, switches or IT-System and translate the information to be sent to the Tangle. On the other side the software side of the Tangly project will convert the data coming from the Tangle and translate it back e.g. for the business intelligence tools already in use. Tangly also enables automatic micro-transaction of the IOTA token to pay for data and or services.

The goal is to facilitate the transition to the Industry 4.0 and help the companies or industries to transcend to this new era.

Following project in the Ecosystem are the first steps of the Tangly:

JSON over MQTT to Tangle via MAM

Fiware to Tangle