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Tangle Patagonia seeks to spread IOTA in Argentina by givin talks, consulting, educating people about what IOTA is about, the advantages over others DLT's, real use cases, and also worldwide trough making interviews to the people involved in this great ecosystem for recognized web page about IOTA.

At Tangle Patagonia, we are great IOTA enthusiasts, who are working for IOTA to reach the ears of everyone in every region, doing this job with awareness of current needs and how IOTA has come to solve many of those problems with real use cases.

Gabriela Jara
over 3 years ago

We will be presenting IOTA at the South of Argentina, this will be a great opportunity to make IOTA known by the grat flux of people this kind of events has. It was a great experience to receive the support of the IOTA community and the IOTA Foundations through donations to make this presentation come true, we are truly grateful for that.

Gabriela Jara
almost 4 years ago

Next week, we'll be giving an IOTA introduction talk at the as TANGLE PATAGONIA, very happy to make this and be the pionners in Argentinian Patagonia creating awareness about Open Source Tech and IOTA as backbone of IoT.

Gabriela Jara
almost 4 years ago

Giving a talk about "What is IOTA?" at the IOTA Meetup in Bs. As. this past 25 July. Honored to be in the same place with Serguei Popov!