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Environmental Tangle Data Network


Production/consumption global sensor data

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  • iot

This project aims to facilitate the creation, query, acquisition and consumption of data generated by IOT connected, sensor agnostic, environmental monitoring devices. 

The grand vision is to create a public, global, open and cryptographically secure source of truth for the currently millions of, and rapidly growing, environmental sensors around the globe. 

Data can be shared around the network (and cross-network) for a price set by the producer, creating a self-regulating, supply/demand based economy. Higher resolution devices/sensors are more expensive to buy, but produce more accurate results, therefore can demand a higher price per data-point. Lower resolution sensors are cheaper, but can be networked together to produce a averaged result, allowing for many single users to collaborate in a networked data pool. 

Data can be purchased/consumed from very a granular level right through to large datasets containing thousands of sensors spanning millions of data points. Payment will be automatically calculated and divided among the relevant contributors, at a per-data-point/resolution cost.

The system aims to provide those who need access to environmental data (governing bodies, aviation services, marine services, mining corporations etc) with access to real-time, on-demand and historical data instantly. 

The system also aims to empower organisations and regulatory bodies with the ability to act immediately on issues which would otherwise be discovered months/years after the fact, without the near-prohibitive overhead cost of establishing a local sensor network. 

It also allows anyone to easily and cost-effectively verify the data being produced and provided as evidence in regulatory matters.

As local and regional councils are slowly being forced to make all sensor data public, this is a perfect time to leverage this opportunity and create a mechanism to immutably store and provide accurate data to whoever needs it, regulate the regulators and hold environmental polluters accountable for their actions.