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Value add services for the IOTA Tangle

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Contributors aims to provide services that enhance your experience of using the IOTA Tangle.

First service available is Embeddable QR codes.

* Any site that wants to receive payments/donations using QR codes can quickly sign up and create an embeddable QR code.

* If you later want to change the address so you can transfer out your iota just update the address in one place, the code on your site need not change and the QR will automatically update.

* Full support for trinity QR data, amount, message

* QR codes fully stylable so they can look like they are part of your site.

* Lots of different examples of embedding HTML/markdown/react component.

* QR code interaction with click to copy to clipboard.

* Account secured with 2FA

Sign up and have a play today, best of all it's free!