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Traveling IOTA


IOTA transfer confirmation time statistics

  • historical data
  • tangle metrics
  • confirmation time
  • value transactions


Whole balance of the current IOTA address (mainnet) is endlessly being transferred to the next one in a sequence. The way a wallet would do it: with promotions and reattachments until confirmation.  

The endless sequence of addresses is calculated deterministically and so is known in advance.  This way iotas are traveling non-stop in Tangle's address space.

This is the way to evaluate how long does it usually take a real IOTA transfer. You can't do that by only knowing TPS/CTPS. Statistics about transfer confirmation time is collected in the process. It is displayed with fragment of selected address sequence of transfers, the path.

Historical data about confirmation times as well as about TPS/CTPS is available for download.

This also is a demo of fee-less transfers of IOTA: transfer is started with 1 iota and keeps being 1 iota in the ever moving account. Unless someone transfers  more iotas to the moving account.