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Trusted IOTA Contacts


Providing an easy, secure way of decentralized authentication of identities in the IOTA network

  • cli
  • nodejs
  • javascript
  • poc
  • library
  • decentralized
  • identity
  • js
  • authentication
  • web of trust
  • mam


A simple library providing a secure, decentralized way to authenticate identities in the IOTA network. Try out the first web example.

With TIC you can publish information which you want to share about yourself on the tangle and publish that you trust or distrust the information of someone else. The ones you trust are your 'contacts'. With this a Web of Trust is established by which you can validate the information of someone by accumulating the trust ratings of your contacts and their contacts and so on. This makes it possible to derive a trust rating for someone who is not your direct contact.

You can use the javascript library or the standalone command line client to manage your TIC account and get trust ratings for other account. Furthermore a GUI application for web, mobile and desktop is planned.

TIC is planned to be used together with a wallet, like trinity, to manage your contacts and automatically retrieve an address of a contact that can be used for transactions.

Robin Lamberti
about 1 year ago

There is an example in the repository now, with that you can use TIC in the browser. You can read and write account information and get ratings for accounts.

The example is pure html/css/javascript and all requests are performed on the client side, so there's no server or nodejs needed.

Robin Lamberti
about 1 year ago

The repository page now has further explanations about how TIC information is stored in MAM channels and how a rating query is performed. Here is an example: