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Untangle Care


Your body, your health, your data!

  • interoperability
  • patient-centric
  • ehealth
  • api
  • csharp
  • fhir
  • mam
  • healthcare

The goal of “Untangle Care” is to develop a virtual health assistant platform which puts users in control of their own health data and enables them to have a more active role side-by-side with their healthcare stakeholders.

To achieve this mission, we will link our existing healthcare chatbot Florence with new solutions that enable storing patients’ data on a permissionless distributed ledger (MAM - Masked Authentication Messaging) in a healthcare interoperable format - Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR).

For users/patients, this platform will enable a continuous healthcare experience by providing them with personalized health information 24/7 and guiding them through their health journey. For healthcare providers and other “enterprise” stakeholders, we plan to offer an application programming interface (API), a web interface as well as open source code to support the MAM/FHIR integration on different levels. These integrations will allow users to seamlessly share their information with their stakeholders.

Because we are convinced about the value of our project, we have already started to work on the underlying technologies (IOTA C# Port, Xamarin Chat App Chiota) and have made them open source to the IOTA community.

Any kind of help or contribution is more than welcome. We are especially looking for (research) collaborations and pilots with healthcare institutions as well as medical devices manufacturers.

Feel free to contact us at info[at]pact[dot]care.