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IOTA Developer Essentials


Let's start with baby steps before we can try and fly.

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Self-study introduction to IOTA protocol designed for developers and tech enthusiasts who would like to get quickly familiar with the IOTA. Technical-related information is accompanied with interactive code snippets to help you to quickly jump on the platform and be ready to build own solutions based on it.

Viewing and running:
  • Interactive mode: a ready-made interactive lab for your experiments with a code hosted on Azure Notebooks

  • Static mode: a static viewing experience for sharing and printing

Petr Zizka
almost 4 years ago

New version has been published. It is now integrated with GitHub Gist. It means all standalone snippets are also maintained at Gist which provides several new features to the project.

You can:

  • Share or embed code snippets directly to social networks

  • Discuss about specific snippet(s)

  • You can eventually fork snippets and suggest their improvements

  • And my favorite one - Gist also tracks all changes and so you can see how the given snippet has changed over time

Petr Zizka
almost 4 years ago

New version has been published! TL;DR: It loves Python + NodeJS!

Key new features include:

  • Let's welcome NodeJS on board! It is language-agnostic project from this moment on
  • Completely new backbone infrastructure has been developed and so the project is ready to welcome additional languages in the future. It was achieved thanks to a side project called IOTA Developer Lab
  • All code snippets are linkable and so you can easily switching between languages and sharing links to code snippets with a public. Individual chapters work in the same way - static links that can be shared with anyone
  • Interested to see what is the overall code base coverage breaked down to a specific language? There is a new info page titled "Language Coverage". It also summarizes all code snippets on one place including direct links!
  • Needless to say, we are working hard to be sure there is no language that would be second-class citizen