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Offload your POW to AWS Lambda


Making IOTA Development just a little bit easier every day.


This is a project/tutorial that shows you how to run your PoW of AWS Lambda.

Why would we want to perform the PoW in AWS Lambda?

Well for a number of reasons:

- You don't want to host your own IOTA Full Node, but you can't or don't want to perform PoW on your local device.

- You want an easy way to provision basic resources for a service you're writing, but want to be able to scale your resources super quick.

- You're using a public IOTA node that doesn't support `attachToTangle`.

Full text here: https://medium.com/@lewdaly/a-little-while-back-i-worked-on-little-demo-of-performing-iota-proof-of-work-on-aws-lambda-40195974ded7