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Running the IOTA C libs on Arduino


Making IOTA Development just a little bit easier every day.

  • iota.c.lib
  • cpp
  • arduino
  • c


One of my ultimate goals with IOTA at the moment is getting it working on MCUs. In a previous post, we managed to get an Arduino sending messages over MAM using the Johnny-Five Javascript framework. This, I thought, was a good introduction, but still requires the Arduino to be connected to my computer, which is less than ideal.

So in order to make things harder for myself (and in the pursuit of learning and all that stuff), I set myself the challenge of getting the iota lightweight c library working on my arduino.

In this post, we're going to look at how to write an Arduino library that takes advantage of the lightweight arduino library. This will be the starting point for a series of blog posts, where we go from starting the library to (hopefully) sending MAM messages directly to the tangle from my D1Mini.

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