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Triggering Email Alerts from the Tangle


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  • iota.lib.js
  • serverless
  • email
  • aws
  • lambda


I recently came across a new project called Totangle. Totangle integrates the tangle with Zapier, which allows you to integrate things happening on the tangle to your existing APIs or workflows. The first use case they present is setting up an email alert when you get a payment on the tangle.

Inspired by this, and also needing this tool myself (I want to get alerts when I recieve tips from my Medium articles, without having to constantly keep my wallet open), I thought I'd see if I could make an open source lambda function that copies this basic functionality.

Here's How It Works:

We write a lambda function that looks for an address or tag on the tangle every 30 minutes or so.

If the lambda function sees new transactions it hasn't previously seen, it sends an email using SNS to my email address.

Once it has sent the email, it saves the recently seen transactions to some list somewhere - maybe S3 will work for now, or in the future we could use DynamoDB.

Check out the medium post for the full tutorial! https://medium.com/@lewdaly/triggering-email-alerts-from-the-iota-tangle-3362219d2846