• Freelance IT Consultant
  • Digital Business Architect for Seekyou (https://www.seekyou.cc)
  • Regional Community Leader Altoadige/Südtirol for the IOTA Ecosystem (https://ecosystem.iota.org)
  • Member of the IOTA Evangelist Network

Tech-Consultant, technology-minded creator with focus on practical solutions. Explains new technologies in layman terms and related to everyday life. His particular interests include Free Open Source Software (FOSS), Internet of Things (IoT) and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs).

Antonio Nardella was born in 1982 in Bolzano. He began his career as an IT technician and trainer. After working as an IT specialist in a renowned south tyrolean marketing company and a private research center, he moved to a leading Italian dealer of POS systems. There he gained valuable experience in the field of gastronomy and digitization and was responsible as product manager for the gastro-software division. At the same time, he supported an Italian start-up with his special know-how in the field of distributed ledger technologies.

Antonio Nardella
about 3 years ago

Video, presentation and resources to the SFSCon 2018 flashtalk @NOITechpark.

"How to use the Tangle and the IOTA protocol for IoT and actual examples in mobility, IIoT, smart cities and agriculture"


Antonio Nardella
about 3 years ago

"Imagine the use of #IOTA combined with #ITS for #SmartMobility " @antonionardella at the #AI working group of https://davinci.bz.it #ERDF #OpenDataHub #NOItechpark


Antonio Nardella
over 3 years ago