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EXANTE broker

EXANTE broker its synergies with the SEC

The EXANTE broker allows you to access 150,000+ financial instruments, among the which it is possible to find currencies but also metals, futures, options, cryptocurrencies, commodities, bonds and so on. At the moment the company has more than 20 offices around Europe and Asia. Moreover, the organization now employs more than 350 from all over the world. This European investment company was established in 2011. Albeit, it is important to keep in mind that the company`s core focus are experienced traders. The company complies with the MFSA, SFC (HK), FCA regulations.

The main groups of clients include:

• large private traders,
• professional investors,
• brokers,
• venture funds,
• monetary as well as financial organizations
• asset management companies.

The clients come from approximately 35 countries, with the majority of them being located in Europe and Asia.

Main trading conditions

It is possible to trade all 150`000+ assets from a single multi-currency account. The initial amount required to start trading amounts to €10,000. Moreover, it is possible to send money to your account in EUR, USD, JPY, HKD, GBP and others to their account.

To learn more about the practical functionalities of the EXANTE trading terminal, it is possible to create a DEMO account that would allow you to practice your trading strategies with virtual funds. To open this account you only need to register on the broker`s website, confirming your phone number and email address.

Once you have registered, it is possible to start trading with a wide offer of different instruments. Find out more about them:

· Stocks and ETFs: There are more than 10`000 different stocks and ETFs on the platform. It is possible to view all price developments real time, and the commissions for the different exchanges vary between 0.05% to 0.12%. In the United States, the fee is equal to $0,02 per share.

· If you are eager to engage in trading futures, there are more than 7`000 futures, including oil futures, precious as well as base metals, currency pairs, bonds, agricultural products, stock indices, and short-term interest rates.

· Additionally, for options traders, the offer includes more than 6,000 stocks, futures, and indices.

· Bonds trading is represented by more than 3,000 financial instruments, which include both government and corporate bonds.

· At the moment it is possible to access more than 50 currency pairs. The spread of the main currency pairs starts from 0 points, the trader gets access to the quotes window.

EXANTE and SEC: what you should learn

EXANTE has an excellent reputation of greatly incorporating all of the requirements set forward by the SEC financial watchdog. Thus it is possible to claim that the broker is transparent and reliable.


The trading terminal developed by the broker is a next generation investment technology fit for traders, analysts, managers, and so on. The platform allows you to access the key financial markets in the world. All trading takes place from a single multi-currency account. It is possible to choose the most convenient way in which to use the platform, it could be from your desktop or mobile device, choosing the best system - Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android. In order to avoid any latencies in trading, it is backed by more than 400 servers around the world. This move allows EXANTE to boast with the most secure and fast trades.

If you are curious to explore more of the technical benefits offered by the broker, you visit the official website to find answers to the questions of your interest. EXANTE also allows you to trade on its web terminal, without installing anything on your computer. Thus, you can already engage in trading from your browser, however, if you want to enjoy the complete trading experience, you should download the desktop version