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Felix (IEN)


Spreading the awareness of IOTA to the world.

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IOTA addicted since summer 2017.

FUD fighter, owner, financial blogger and 24/7 IOTA supporter.

Always looking for opportunities to spread the word of IOTA on- and offline.

Many other IOTA projects in the making :) is your source for all shops and businesses

• that sell IOTA merchandise and clothes

• shops / businesses where you can pay with IOTA on- and offline

• that sell IOTA hardware

• got solutions if you want to offer IOTA payment in your business

Also all exchanges that have IOTA trading pairs are listed.

In the Blog you‘ll get the latest news.

Also other interesting IOTA projects are shown.

The best thing is: listings are for free! is part of the IOTA Evangelist Network IEN

Let us make the most accurate index of IOTA shops and businesses that already use IOTA.

And let us show the people that you can already use IOTA in real live!