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4 months ago

Many of today's most urgent challenges such as climate change and depletion of ecosystems can be traced back to short term optimization in our social systems and organizations. Financial investments are judged on their returns in a few years, resources are being exploited despite negative long-term externalities. But it must not always be like this: Throughout history, human societies found and came up with and codified ingenious ways of ensuring the long-term sustainability of their culture. One notable and well-known example of this is the so-called seven generation stewardship practiced by the Iroquois. It requires the current generation to live and work for the benefit of the seventh generation into the future and reflect their actions based on the values and work of generations that preceded them. Rather than preventing, technology often accentuates shortcomings by replacing local, proven governance structures and yet again optimizing and reinforcing mechanisms of systemic short termism. This needs to change, and decentralized technologies might just be our best bet.

4 months ago

We are excited to share more information about our joint initiative as we progress through the coming months and want to create more opportunities for our community to become involved in collectively shaping the future towards sustainable and regenerative economic development. Stay tuned for more insights into the experimental research probe we developed over the past month tomorrow, in the final part of this short blog series.

4 months ago

Breakthrough innovations provide avenues for society that were previously unthinkable. Bitcoin and subsequently IOTA can be seen as external shocks that opened new opportunities and indeed a new lens for understanding and shaping our future. At the IOTA Foundation, we believe that it is important to put in the effort to understand the lasting implications of the technology we are building and trying our best to make them fit for an uncertain, emergent future. The most important learning is: We can not do it ourselves. In the Deep Demonstration, we were fortunate to tap into the minds of brilliant people and organizations, share our perspectives on the problem and create a feasible approach to push toward systemic change by combining institutional re-design and experimentation.

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