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IoT Waste Management on the Tangle Network

  • Taipei, Taiwan

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  • tangle
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Waste management is a growing problem for companies and cities all around the world. Costing millions of dollars to collect, manage and remove. It’s time to use IoT and Tangles DLT technology to bring waste management into the 21st century.

lidbot is an IoT hardware device that measures real-time fill levels of waste bins. lidbot substantially lowers costs and resources used in the waste management process through IoT and DLT autonomy.

lidbot’s solution is both cost effective and easily integrated. lidbot can optimize waste management in large buildings like airports and can also be scaled to smart city level deployments.

lidbot utilizes the power of IOTA’s Tangle. It enables lidbot to have a new blockless distributed ledger that is scalable and lightweight.

almost 2 years ago