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If you are going to try, go all the way.

  • Rhineland Palatinate, Germany

  • sketch
  • webflow
  • javascript
  • ruby on rails
  • ruby
  • ui/ux design
  • branding
  • graphic design
  • css
  • html
  • tangle
  • iota4earth
  • dlt
  • social change
  • philosophy
  • startups
  • iot

For more than 5 years I am working as a CEO, designer and developer of MindMe. I gained a lot of experience in leadership, scrum, branding, graphic design, UI / UX design, interaction design and frontend development. I developed projects from many different industries like the internet of things, e-commerce, e-learning, fintech and game development to only name a few. As CEO and Creative Director of MindMe I was in a position to understand the interconnection of the customer, the design process as well as the development up to the delivery and maintenance of the applications.

When I first heard about IOTA and especially as I read the whitepaper in 2016, I immediately falled in love with the vision, the concept and the authenticity of the board and team. I was always interested in cryptocurrencies but most of them seemed to me like it would be all about money. Putting the technology and adoption instead of profit at the first place is the philosophy I am fully aligned with.

Since mid March 2018 I designed and developed the IOTA Ecosystem. The IOTA Foundation and the community is where my heart belongs to, thus it was a huge personal fulfillment to be a co-creator of the home for the community.