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Sol Hilgemberg


educating people about what IOTA is about

  • Sur de Argentina.

  • diseño web front end

I discovered a new addiction to the entire IOTA project, then I understood the importance of it. My job is to show this world to the world from my place. I'm a frontend web designer, I have several projects ahead of me. Currently I collaborate with tangle Patagonia, at the same time I am a founder of cryptoWoman where the idea is to support and show women in movement and working, who believe in the world revolution of cryptocurrencies and of course an IOTA space on my page. A community of learning and mutual support in these new technologies. We seek to create a network of donations to be able to contribute and help other women around the world move to Educate, Train and Train by doing Integration Events. Within my projects I am working on two exclusive platforms for merchants where one of the forms of payment will be in IOTA.